BLUMI is a new brand of eco, vegan bags made from
plant-based leather.

BLUMI means unique and subtle design, attention to detail and high quality combined with ethical production which is respectful of the environment and animals.

Our vegan handbags are created for conscious women who appreciate timeless yet unique fashion.

In our offer you will not find any bags made from animal leather. The same goes for the so-called 'eco-leathers,' which are of low
quality and have a negative impact on the environment.

Our bags are made only from the best plant-based leathers on the market. We use fabrics produced from corn and grape waste.

We are constantly developing, searching for and testing new, most eco-friendly plant leathers. That is why we are convinced that you will be amazed at our proposals more than once in the future.

Plant-based leathers are durable and beautiful, while the process of producing them is environmentally friendly.

BLUMI is the future of fashion at the highest level, combining ethics with ecology and shunning practices that make animals suffer.

No compromises.

We pay close attention to every detail.

Our bags are sewn locally, in Poland, in small batches in line with the philosophy of slow fashion, which means we avoid overproduction. They come with recycled linings, which are, for instance, made from recycled plastic retrieved from the depths of seas and oceans. We use solutions respectful of nature in every aspect - eco-friendly boxes, paper tape with natural rubber glue, while our tags are made from a material containing citrus waste.

All this is done to ensure that your new bag is not only incredibly beautiful, but also ethically made.

The name BLUMI refers to the English word ‘to bloom’ - to flourish.

We believe that beautiful plant-based leather bags are a fashion trend that will grow and be in full bloom in the future.