What makes our brand unique are fabrics that we use to create our bags. BLUMI vegan bags are made from the best quality plant-based leathers from corn and grapes. Such leathers are produced in line with the less waste approach – waste from harvesting corn and making wine is used in the leather production process.

BLUMI vegan bags have never been and will never be made from animal leather. We only choose state-of-the-art solutions that are in harmony with the environment and that do not cause animal suffering.

Selecting plant-based leathers, we pay attention to their high quality and durability, as well as their composition, as we want it to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We choose transparent suppliers whose products are independently certified. We are constantly searching for and testing new fabrics.

Corn leather

Corn leather is a fabric created from corn biomass – a waste product in the food production process. The material consists of up to 69% of biomass. Such a high content of organic biomass gives this type of leather the properties of animal leather in many respects. An Italian fabric we work with is really durable, gains flexibility with time and its maintenance is effortless.

Grape leather

Grape leather is an innovative Italian fabric that consists in 80% of plant-based, renewable and recycled materials. It is produced from leftover material in the winemaking process, vegetable oils and natural fibres from agriculture. The remaining 20% is water-based PU. Grape leather is produced in an environmentally sustainable manner with no harm to animals. The company producing the material has received a certificate of Global Recycled Standard, which is the most important international certification for recycled products. The certificate guarantees the transparency of the material’s composition and its production process as well as the transparency of its impact on the environment and local communities.


The quality and vegan origin of our materials is confirmed by international certificates:



Creating BLUMI bags, we know that conscious choices are important at every stage of design and production. Our bags come with high-quality linings made from the best materials available on the market. They include recycled polyester and polyester retrieved from the depths of seas and oceans.

Seaqual® linings are made from a material that is composed in 70% of recycled polyester and in 30% of innovative fabric which contains recycled plastic fibres from the world's seas and oceans. The marine plastic content is 10%. It is a fabric created in line with a policy whose aim is to maximise the recovery of already used raw materials transformed from waste, while reducing the use of water, chemicals and CO2 emissions. It is a fabric that originates in closed-loop recycling.